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My Mission

My mission at E. Shan Tang Herbs is to help people understand, in the tradition of Chinese medicine, the underlying reasons behind their physical conditions. Once the reason or reasons have been identified, (for example, reason behind a backache may be a weak kidney) I can prescribe an herbal tea formula to be cooked and used twice a day for a certain number of days or weeks. Or I can prescribe a patent medicine (herbs in pill form) which is available on this website. I can also suggest changes and / or additions to one's diet and daily habits.

At my store in Allston, MA, I talk to customers about their problems and then do pulse diagnosis, which can tell me where their body is weak. However pulse diagnosis is not necessary for the most part. I only need to know one's symptoms, age, sex, diet and general lifestyle (i. e., stress, no stress, etc.) to understand where the problem may lie.

Chinese medicine is known to be all natural with no side effects. I am happy to work with my customers to find the best treatment not just for their symptoms, but for the cause of their ailments. It is very important to take these medicines, no matter how difficult or time consuming it may be, with a positive attitude and a bright outlook to one's future.

There may be precautions to take in combining an herbal regimen with any western prescriptions you are taking. Generally, taking herbal and western medicines at least one hour apart is the rule. But if you have any questions about this, please email me at eshantang@aol.com and I will answer as soon as possible.

B.J. Wang, Herbalist

My Ideas for Weight Loss

Many books talk about weight loss. Many people say they have good ideas for losing weight. Many companies make weight loss capsules and pills. Many companies make food or recipes to help people lose weight. Many companies offer exercise courses.

I have worked in the Boston area since 1991. Boston Magazine and Bostonian Magazine both awarded me the Best Herbalist award. I've helped many overweight people and I've learned a lot from them, including many ways to lose weight.

I want to share these ideas with you. You don't have to spend all of your time cooking or exercising. Just understand these ideas...

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